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Herbal Extract Products

Herbal Extract Products
  • Herbal Extracts:

    Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Resveratrol, Black Currant Powder, Rose Flower Extract, Hawthorn EXreact, Arteannuin, Soybean isoflavone, Sucralose, Pueraria Flavones, Grape Seed Extracts, Red Clover Extracts
  • Food Additives - Natural Food Color:

    Gardenia Blue, Safflower Yellow, Red Cabbage Color, Gardenia Yellow, Radish Red, Natural Citrus, Purple Sweet Potato Red
  • Food Additives - Natural Additive:

    Onion Freeze-dried Powder, Garlic Freeze-dried Powder, Blackcurrant Freeze-dried Powder, Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder, Bee Royal Jelly Freeze-dried Powder

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