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Stevia Extract

Stevia Extract

Extract Name: Stevia Extract

Abbr. Name: Stevia Extract

Extract Category: Nutrition Additive

Extract Class: Food Additives

Stevia Extract Detail:


Stevia R-A 40%-98%

Stevia is a natural green sweetener, which is extracted from stevia leaves( herbaceous herb of the composite family)

High Sweetness

Sweetness is 250-300 times more than cane sugar. Stevioside and Rebaudiana-A are main composition of stevia ,which taste cool, refreshing, and soft.

Low calorie

The caloric of stevia is only 1/300 of the cane sugar, it can be used in low-Calorie food and drinks making. The stevia is specially suitable for diabetics, obesity , arteriosclerosis, dental caries, and so on .

Health protection

Stevia is hold as Nutritional Supplement and Health Protection Food by Medical Science. 400years before , the original inhabitants in Paraguay began making use of stevia as herb to cure influenza, fistula hyperemia. Modern medical science studied that stevia was beneficial to regulate Blood sugar, blood pressure, improve brain activity and helpful for weight control, skin care.


Stevia is stable to Acid, Alkali, hot , light and not fermentable. As sweetener in beverage and food, it can be bacteriostatic and protrat the the expiry of quality guaranteed. In addition , stevia can make nearly a 60% reduction in the cost o production , expenses of transportation and storehouse can also be saved at the same time


Food, beverage, medicine medium, various condiment, sweetner complex, pickles, cosmetics, cigarette flavour, and toothpaste,etc.

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