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Sodium Erythorbate

Sodium Erythorbate

Extract Name: Sodium Erythorbate

Abbr. Name: Sodium Erythorbate

Extract Category: Nutrition Additive

Extract Class: Food Additives

Sodium Erythorbate Detail:

Sodium erythorbate Description:

Sodium Erythorbate is a new type antioxidant, which acts as preservatives by inhibiting the effects of oxygen on food, and can be beneficial to health. It has been confirmed as a statutory food additive by FAO and WHO. Taking starch as its main ingredient, it is produced by the fermentation of microorganism. Sodium Erythorbate can keep food color and natural flavor, and prolong the shelf time, without any side effects. It is widely used in the production of foods, such as meat products, beer, beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, confiture, frozen fish and so on. Of our food additives and food ingredients, Sodium Erythorbate has won a high reputation in China and foreign countries.

Sodium Erythorbate Specification

Appearance: white,odorless,crystalline powder or granules

Assay(%) :    98.0%100.5

Specific (a)D:   +95.5 - +98.0

PH value :   5.5 -8.0

Heavy metals:  10 ppm max

Expiration Date: 2 years when stored properly

Packing and Storage: Aluminum foil bag inside,carton outside.N.W.: 25KG & Leave in the shady and cool dry place.

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