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Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium Ascorbate

Extract Name: Sodium Ascorbate

Abbr. Name: Sodium Ascorbate

Extract Category: Nutrition Additive

Extract Class: Food Additives

Sodium Ascorbate Detail:

Sodium ascorbate  USP31/GB16313

Product description

Appearance:White to slightly yellow crystalline powder

Specific optical rotation: +103º - +108º 

Loss on Drying: <=0.25%

Heavy Metals: <=0.001%

Arsenic: <=0.0003%

Mercury: <=0.0001%

Lead:  <=0.0002%

Zinc:  <=0.0025%

Copper:  <=0.0005%

PH10%,W/V: 7.0-8.0

Assay:  99.0%-101.0%

Particle Size: NLT100%Through 40 mesh

Organic vol impurities: Meets usp requirment

Expiration Date£º 2 years when stored properly

Packing and Storage:  Aluminum foil bag inside,carton outside.N.W.: 25KG & Leave in the shady and cool dry place.


Apperance White crystals or powder, soluble in water. The food grade product is mainly used in soft drinks, frozen deserts or meat products to prevent them from changing color and taste. The pharmaceutical grade product (USP) is used for vitamin supplementation.

The sodium salt of ascorbic acid. Mainly used as an antioxidant in food production. Pharmaceutical grade product is used as a source of vitamin C.

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