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Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder

Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder Detail:

[Ingredient] Sea Buckthorn is primarily  included for its golden-orange fruits, which provide vitamin C, vitamin E, and other nutrients, flavonoids, oils rich in essential fatty acids, and other healthful components. The leaves are now also being used for making a beverage tea; they additional contain triterpenes.

[Function] Sea buckthorn has numerous medicinal uses. It is used as a healing remedy for many ulcerative and inflammation-related disorders such as canker sores, esophagitis, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and cervicitis. Russian cosmonauts have used them while in orbit.

[Application Area] Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder has been widely used in Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Functional food industries.

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