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Tea Polyphenols- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Tea Polyphenols
Abbr. Name: Tea Polyphenols
Product Detail:Composing and function of tea polyphenolsTea polyphenols is natural compound extracted from tea. It is composed of more than 30 substance containing p...

Xylitol- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Xylitol
Abbr. Name: Xylitol
Product Detail:General descriptionXylitol is white crystalline powder, a new natural sweetener made from corncob or sugar cane bagasse. Ití»s sweetness level equals t...

Potassium sorbate- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Potassium sorbate
Abbr. Name: Potassium sorbate
Product Detail:Potassium Sorbate can be used as preservatives. As a high-effective preservative recommended by FAO and WHO, Potassium Sorbate can inhibit the activit...

Erythritol- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Erythritol
Abbr. Name: Erythritol
Product Detail:Erythritol, a polyol (sugar alcohol) is a good-tasting bulk sweetener which is suitable for a variety of reduced- calorie and sugar-free foods. It has...

Sodium Citrate- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Sodium Citrate
Abbr. Name: Sodium Citrate
Product Detail:Sodium Citrate Product descriptionWhite crystal or crystalline powder and ease to be effloresced.Its crystal water is total lost on 150.It resolves wh...

Sodium Alginate- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Sodium Alginate
Abbr. Name: Sodium Alginate
Product Detail:Sodium Alginate is a natural amylose carbohydrate distilled from alga . It is widely applied to food ,medicine, textile, printing and dyeing , paper-m...

Aloe Freeze-dried Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Aloe Freeze-dried Powder
Abbr. Name: Aloe Freeze-dried Powder
Product Detail: Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried 100:1 Powder Decolorized is made up of fresh Aloe Vera planted in non-pollution and non-harmful green house.It is water so...

Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder
Abbr. Name: Sea Buckthorn Freeze-dried Powder
Product Detail:[Ingredient] Sea Buckthorn is primarily included for its golden-orange fruits, which provide vitamin C, vitamin E, and other nutrients, flavonoids, oi...

Strawberry Freeze-dried Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Strawberry Freeze-dried Powder
Abbr. Name: Strawberry Freeze-dried Powder
Product Detail:[Origin] Unpolluted wild natural strawberry growes in the Northwest of China [Function] Strawberry rich in pectin and organic and sour. The organic ac...

Bovine Colostrums Freeze-dried Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Bovine Colostrums Freeze-dried Powder
Abbr. Name: Bovine Colostrums Freeze-dried Powder
Product Detail:[Product Name] Bovine Colostrums Freeze-dried Powder [Origin] Use colostrums beared from healthy cows as the raw materials. [Procedure] Adopting advan...

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