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Purple Sweet Potato Red

Purple Sweet Potato Red

Extract Name: Purple Sweet Potato Red

Abbr. Name: Purple Sweet Potato Red

Extract Category: Natural Food Color

Extract Class: Food Additives

Purple Sweet Potato Red Detail:

Purple Sweet Potato Color, a pure natural and water soluble food color produced by our company, is extracted from purple root tuber of edible purple sweet potato (Impomoes batatas )  planted locally. The process is checking, washing, slicing, extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing(purple sweet potato color  liquid), spraying & drying(purple sweet potato color  powder). The main ingredient is cyanidin acyl glucoside & peomidin acyl glucoside.

Purple sweet potato color powder is red to purplish red, liquid is brown purple, both has the characteristic odor of sweet potato. It can be dissolved in water & alcohol, propylene glycol solution easily, but not in oil. The color of water solution changes when PH is different. When PH is between2-6 , the color is red or purplish red. The solution color becomes blue, and is unstable when PH is above 6. The color of solution can’t fade under light for a long time, and also has good resistance to high temperature in an acidic medium.

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Enterprise Standard



Color v-alue E1%1cmPH3.0530nm



Loss on Drying

%  Less than




%  Less than







Arsenicas As

mg/kg  Less than



Leadas Pb

mg/kg  Less than



Total Plate Count

cfu/g  Less than



Pathogenic Bacteria




       Purple sweet potato color can be widely used in wine, beverage, fruit sauce, candy, cake. 

 Usage Reference

        Powder is packed with plastic container with inner plastic bags, liquid is packed with plastic container, net weight for powder is about 20kg, for liquid is 25kg. Package standards are also available according to consumer’s demand.

       Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place. Liquid product should store at 5 to 10.

 Shelf Life
       If the storage condition attains as mentioned above, powder is two years from production date, liquid is six months. Once opened, should seal up again and use within six months(powder)or one month(liquid).

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