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Gardenia Green

Gardenia Green

Extract Name: Gardenia Green

Abbr. Name: Gardenia Green

Extract Category: Natural Food Color

Extract Class: Food Additives

Gardenia Green Detail:

  Description:Gardenia Green is the natural edible pigment extracted from the fruit of Gardenia belongs to Rubia cordifolia plant. Its main ingredient are kind of carotene crocin and crocetin. The product is the powder appears light green to dark green, mixed from gardenia yellow color and gradenia blue color. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol water liquor, not soluble in organic solvent. Its color and stability won't be afftected by PH v alue.

  Application area: It' s used as pigmentation or complementary color in beer confected, soda pop, juice drinks, marmalade, sweets,cakes, jelly, puffed food, cookie, ice-cream etc.

  Specification: packed with bag of aluminum foil inside and carton outside. We can also pack with the request from clients

  Storage and transportation condition: keep in airproof, light prevented, dry and cool place.

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