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Trollius Chinensis Extract

Trollius Chinensis Extract

Extract Name: Trollius Chinensis Extract

Abbr. Name: Trollius Chinensis P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Trollius Chinensis Extract Detail:

The Alias: Trollius chinensis Bge
The English name: globeflower extract
Trollius chinensis extracts are extracted by advanced CO2 supercritical extraction
technology from wild Trollius chinensis origin of Daxinganling Region in China.
The content level of effective materials is up to 97%. This product has been exported
to EU, Japan, South-East Asia etc. The physical level and microbiological
level can meet well the export standards.
Package: cardboard drums, with double aseptic food poly bags inside. Or by cartons,
with vacual aseptic food poly bags inside, 20kgs per carton with 8 bags inside,2.5kg
per bag.

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