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Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Extract Name: Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Abbr. Name: Tribulus Terrestris P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Tribulus Terrestris Extract Detail:

1. Name: Tribulus Terrestris Extract
2. Natural Source: Tribulus Terrestris L
3. Part used: Fruits and Roots
4. Appearance: Brown Powder
5. Specification: Tribulosides 40%
6. Molecular formula: C30H26O13
7. Assay: UV

Tribulus terrestris is a single herbal product that has recently become extremely popular in the natural health field. It has been found to benefit the sexual functions of both men and women. It is a libido enhancer

1. Improve muscle growth and body strength
2. Reported to enhance libido sexualis and erectile function
3. Reported to increase the number and motility of spermatozoa
4. Increase LH levels and testosterone levels
5. Help in alleviating some symptoms associated with male menopause
6. Reduction in cholesterol
7. Reductions in high blood pressure
8. Inhibition of stress-induced clumping of blood platelets
9. Increase in strength of contraction of the heart muscle
10. Anti-urolithiatic (urinary/kidney stone preventing) and litholytic (dissolving) activities
11. Improvement of the profile of red and white blood cells
12. Stimulation of the humoral immune system
13. Anti-bacterial, anti-malarial and anti-fungal properties, anti-inflammatory activity

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