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Tribulus P.E.

Tribulus P.E.

Extract Name: Tribulus P.E.

Abbr. Name: Tribulus Extract

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Tribulus P.E. Detail:

Detailed Product Description Features: 1) Active ingredient: total saponin 2) Specification: 60%-95% 3) Test method: UV 4) Item no.: TPE60, TPE95 Description: Tribulus terrestris extract is used for the treatment of heart diseases and arteriosclerosis.
It has been used for hundreds of years in Europe for hormone insufficiency
in men and women. It is widely believed that tribulus is the closest and
strongest natural herbal alternative to synthetic hormones.
Medical action and applications: 1) Reduces the blood pressure, blood fat and resists atherosclerosis and aging 2) Its peroxidase has evident effect for anti-aging and elevating body immunity
3) Boosts athletics status without any adverse reaction

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