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Silymarine Extract

Silymarine Extract

Extract Name: Silymarine Extract

Abbr. Name: Silymarine P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Silymarine Extract Detail:

Silymarine is the active constituent of milk thistle that works in a number of ways to restore liver health. Firstly, Silymarine inhibits the factors responsible for causing liver damage. Secondly, it increases the liver content of glutathione that is responsible for detoxifying many chemicals, drugs and hormones. Thirdly, Silymarine also stimulates the growth of new liver cells so that damaged areas of the liver may be regenerated.

Dr. G. Vogel, a famous German liver specialist, conducted a study using it to treat 60 patients suffering from mushroom poisoning, which attacks and destroys the liver. Although the death rate is usually 30 to 40%, all 60 patients taking milk thistle lived. Clinical studies on SILYMARINE have been conducted on more than 2,000 patients suffering from all types of liver dysfunction. All experienced improvements. Studies show that SILYMARINE regenerates liver cells.

Milk Thistle is highly effective as an antioxidant herb, particularly with its ability to protect the liver from free radical damage. Silymarine is at least 10 times more potent an antioxidant than Vitamin E.

Ailments such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, and other liver diseases are prevented, reversed and cured by SILYMARINE. SILYMARINE also protects the liver against the effects of toxic pollutants, alcohol, and various medications.

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