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Poria Cocos Extract

Poria Cocos Extract

Extract Name: Poria Cocos Extract

Abbr. Name: Poria Cocos P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Poria Cocos Extract Detail:

Poria cocos is a traditional popular chinese medicine in China. Every 100 grams of dried poria cocos contain 1. 2 g protein, 0. 5 g fat, carbohydrates 80. 9 g, cellulose 1. 7 g, vitamin e 4. 27 mg, selenium 12. 6 ug, and the-fuling polysaccharide, fulin acid, ergosterol, choline, adenine, lecithin proteinase etc. it showed a mild pharmacological property and sweet taste and acts on the heart, spleen, liver and kidney. It possesses the functions of diuresis, invigorating the function of spleen and stomach, relieving uneasiness of mind etc and is famed as one of the eight treasures in chinese medicine.
2. Effects of polysaccharide:
Carboxymethyl fulin polysaccharide is a high grade health-protecting and nutrient supplementary agent with new type immune-regulating activity. It possesses the function of stimulating the physiological activity, promoting the recovery of function of human immune system, inducing and promoting the formation of leucocyte regulator of interferon, indirectly inducing the activity of antitumor and antivirus, alliviating the side-effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, liver-protecting and prolonging the senescence, relieving the uneasiness of mind, be good for the stomach as well as improving the looks.

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