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Herbal Tea Extracts

Herbal Tea Extracts

Extract Name: Herbal Tea Extracts

Abbr. Name: Herbal Tea Extracts

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Herbal Tea Extracts Detail:

We have involved in developing natural plant, Chinese herbal medicine and cereal
for quite a long time.
Currently, we have the powder or concentrates of radix isatidis, licorice, honeysuckle
flower, heartleaf houttuynia herb, Mexican frangipani, bamboo leaf, mulberry
leaf, barbary wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemun Hangzhou flower, nelumbinis folum,
sour plum, abrus mollis, mesona, ginkgo biloba, roasted ricettea, sweet tea leaves,
broadleaf holly leaf, fresh tea leaf, puer tea, barley, coffee, five-flower
tea, common selfheal fruit-spike, red date, cassia seed, and radix panacis quinquefolii.
They are widely applied as raw materials or ingredients in healthy food and functional
Inner packing:
5kg x 4 aluminum foil bags for instant powder
20kg x 1 aseptic aluminum foil bag for concentrated juice

Outer packing:
Paper carton for instant powder
Round paper drum for concentrated juice

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