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Baicalin Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Baicalin Extract
Abbr. Name: Baicalin P.E.
Product Detail:Baicalin 1.Material: roots of Radix Scutellariae2.Description: light yellow crystalline powder. Bitter taste 3.Specification: assay: 70-95% HPLC natio...

Wild Rose Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Wild Rose Extract
Abbr. Name: Wild Rose P.E.
Product Detail: Roots, leaves and bark extract mention: Fruit for jam, wine, put orange dye; Rosesauce or make flower fragrance system; Seed oil extraction. Flower,...

Mangosteen P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Mangosteen P.E.
Abbr. Name: Mangosteen Extract
Product Detail:Features:1) Botanical source: Garcinia Mangostana.L fruit2) Appearance: reddish brown powderSpecification:10% 20%, 40% mangostin by HPLCOther specific...

Crataegus Pinnatifida Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Crataegus Pinnatifida Extract
Abbr. Name: Hawthorn Extract
Product Detail:Latin Name: Crataegus pinnatifida Bge Appearance: red powderTest Method: UVPart of the Plant Used: Leaves or fruits of CrataeguspinnatifidaBge.var.maj...

Astragalus Root P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Astragalus Root P.E.
Abbr. Name: Astragalus Root Extract
Product Detail:Detailed Product Description Astragalus root P.EPlant Origin: Astragalus membranaceus Bge.Specification: Astragalus P.E. 40%-70% Polysaccharases UV 0....

Silymarine Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Silymarine Extract
Abbr. Name: Silymarine P.E.
Product Detail:Silymarine is the active constituent of milk thistle that works in a number of ways to restore liver health. Firstly, Silymarine inhibits the factors ...

Safflower Extract Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Safflower Extract Powder
Abbr. Name: Safflower P.E.
Product Detail:Freeze dried safflower extract powder is water soluble product.Not any organic solvent involved. This product is very suitable for food and beverage i...

Feverfew Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Feverfew Extract
Abbr. Name: Feverfew P.E.
Product Detail:Name: Feverfew ExtractNatural Source: Chrysanthemum PartheniumPart Used: Aerial partsAppearance: Brownish fine powderSpecification: Parthenolide 0.3...

Chloro-genic acid- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Chloro-genic acid
Abbr. Name: Chloro-genic acid Powder
Product Detail:Chloro-genic acid1. Material: Lonicera japonica Thunb.Lonicera hypoglau- ca Miq.Lonicera confusa DC. Lonicera dasystyla Rehd2. Description: brown-yell...

Trigonella Foenum-graecum P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Trigonella Foenum-graecum P.E.
Abbr. Name: Trigonella Foenum-graecum Extract
Product Detail: Fenugreek seed has been used for stomach upset, swelling (inflammation) of the upperair passages or throat, appetite, for lowering blood sugar and f...

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