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Chrysanthemum extract powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Chrysanthemum extract powder
Abbr. Name: Chrysanthemum P.E.
Product Detail: Freeze dried chrysanthemum extract powder, 100% water soluble.Not any organic solventinvolved.This product is very suitable for beverage and food in...

Saikosaponins P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Saikosaponins P.E.
Abbr. Name: Saikosaponins Extract
Product Detail: Bupleurum chinense DC P.E. 1.Material: BupleurumchinenseDC. 2. Description: brown-yellow powder. Hygrotaxis. Bitter taste, hot3.Active ingredient: Sa...

Alfalfa Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Alfalfa Extract
Abbr. Name: Alfalfa P.E.
Product Detail:Name: Alfalfa ExtractNatural Source: DicotPart Used: Flowers, Whole herb and Leaves, Seeds, Sprouts, TopsAppearance: Light greenish fine powder, yello...

Cladina Rangiferina P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Cladina Rangiferina P.E.
Abbr. Name: Cladina Rangiferina Extract
Product Detail: General - shrub lichen, upright, 5 - 8(10) cm tall, greyish white, intricately branchingfrom a main stem; branches hollow, with dull, appressed cott...

Baicalin Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Baicalin Extract
Abbr. Name: Baicalin P.E.
Product Detail:Detailed Product Description Baicalin Latin Name: Scutellaria Baicalensis Part Used: Root Active Ingredient: Baicalin English name : baicalin hydrateM...

Microcos Extract Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Microcos Extract Powder
Abbr. Name: Microcos P.E.
Product Detail:Produced from top quality herbal materials through water extraction and RO (Reverse Osmosis) concentration at low temperature. The liquid concentrates...

Garlic extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Garlic extract
Abbr. Name: Garlic P.E.
Product Detail:Garlic extract 1.Material: allium officinarun hance, garlic underground part 2.Description: light yellow or white fine powder 3.Active ingredient: all...

Banaba Leaf Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Banaba Leaf Extract
Abbr. Name: Banaba Leaf P.E.
Product Detail:Name: Banaba Leaf ExtractNatural Source: Lagerstroemia specious L.Part Used: LeafAppearance: Brownish yellow powder Specification: Corosolic Acid(Gluc...

Cnidium Monnieri P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Cnidium Monnieri P.E.
Abbr. Name: Cnidium Monnieri Extract
Product Detail: The efficacy of cnidium monnieri is pharmacodynamics and removing, kill insects.For impotence, cold venter, taken off the cold and dampness, wet num...

Astragalus Membranaceus Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Astragalus Membranaceus Extract
Abbr. Name: Astragalus Membranaceus P.E.
Product Detail:We can provide 580 kinds of natural herbal concentrated powder for manufacturers of natural health food, food supplements and personal heath-maintaini...

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