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Fleeceflower Root Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Fleeceflower Root Extract
Abbr. Name: Fleeceflower Root P.E.
Product Detail:1.Material:Polygonum multiflorum Thun's roots2.Description: yellow-brown powder3.Specification: 10% Loss on drying: °‹5% Ash: °‹5% ...

Yohimbe Bark Extract - Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Yohimbe Bark Extract
Abbr. Name: Yohimbe Bark P.E.
Product Detail:Product name:Yohimbe Bark ExtractBotanical Source: Corynante Yohimbe Part used: BarkSpecification: Yohimbine Alkaloids >98%Assay: HPLCFormula : C21...

Cladonia Fallax P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Cladonia Fallax P.E.
Abbr. Name: Cladonia Fallax Extract
Product Detail: Cladonia fallax is used for neurasthenia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, head of vertigo,wounds, administering topical burn, burn. Products are being expo...

5-HTP- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: 5-HTP
Abbr. Name: 5-HTP
Product Detail:5-HTP, Griffonia Seed Extract,5-Hydroxytryptophan Latin Name---Griffonia simplicifolia (Vahl ex DC) Baill.CAS No---4350-09-8Appearance---White to gray...

White Peony Alba P.E- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: White Peony Alba P.E
Abbr. Name: White Peony Alba Extract
Product Detail:1.Material:The roots of White peony2.Description: Light Yellow powder 3. Specification: Peoniflorin°›10% 20% 40% Loss on drying: °‹6% ...

Milk Thistle Extract- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Milk Thistle Extract
Abbr. Name: Milk Thistle P.E.
Product Detail:Product name: Milk Thistle ExtractBotanical Source:Carduus marianus syn. Silybum marianum Latin Name: Silybum marianum (L.) GaertnerPart used: SeedSpe...

Bryum Argenteum P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Bryum Argenteum P.E.
Abbr. Name: Bryum Argenteum Extract
Product Detail: For detoxifcation, bacillary dysentery, and sinusitis. Products are being exportedto Europe and the United States, Japan, France and all targets mee...

Astragalus Root P.E.- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Astragalus Root P.E.
Abbr. Name: Astragalus Root Extract
Product Detail:Specification: totalAstragloside:0.3%0.5% polysaccharides20%,30%,50%,70%,90%Appearance:Brown PowderTest Method:UV

Hibiscus Extract Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Hibiscus Extract Powder
Abbr. Name: Hibiscus P.E.
Product Detail:Product Name: Hibiscus P.E.Plant Origin: Hibiscus sabdariffaSpecification:Extract Ratio: 5:1 Hibiscus grows in tropical areas throughout the world, an...

Rutin Powder- Herbal ExtractsExtract Name: Rutin Powder
Abbr. Name: Rutin Extract
Product Detail:1.Description:Yellow or greenish-yellow powder,ithout color and smell2.Specification:95.0-101.5%, NF11 standard3.Test method:HPLC4. Chlorophyll°‹0.004%...

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