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Arbutin Extract

Arbutin Extract

Extract Name: Arbutin Extract

Abbr. Name: Arbutin P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Arbutin Extract Detail:

The plant withdraws Arbutin P.E WE-V25 is natural Arbutin P.E which withdraws from
more orange leaf ingredient, not only includes 25% Arbutin P.E, but also includes
massive Arbutin P.E derivative, various living thing this phenose glucoside
class compound, the flavonoid and the tannic acid and so on, its activeness not
only displays in the suppression melanin production, moreover also has the type
function of peroxide mutase, and has the certain degree to UV-B the absorption,
therefore WE-V25 besides has the effect of beautiful dazzlingly bright skin, but
also to the nutrition skin, the tender skin guards against wrinkles and so on,
for skin by pure natural protecting.
The plant withdraws Arbutin P. E WE-V25 hold also the biological activity, which
is dispel phlegm, anti- inflammation, antibacterial and so on. And it is served
as the codein medicine and the urethra disinfectant and so on. It was been also
used in US as food addition agent.
Specification: WE-V25(Q/XXHG05-2002) WE0V98(Q/XXHG06-2002) Appearance: Light yellow powder With yellowish Solubility: Freely soluble in water and ethanol nod deposition after being dissolved

Water < 5% < 0.5% Lgnitionresidus <0.5% Heavy metal <5ppm Bacteria count <300CPU, Salmonellaor Escherichiacoli should not be detected Mold <100CPU Package: cardboard drums, with double aseptic food poly bags inside. Or by cartons,
with vacual aseptic food poly bags inside, 20kgs per carton with 8 bags inside,2.5kg
per bag.

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